Liability Insurance – for Tour Operators & Travel Agents

We know that Tour Operators & Travel Agents Liability Insurance has become essential for the industry. One of the most serious regulations is the imposition of an almost strict liability for the “proper performance of the contract”, including liability for the actions of suppliers and sub-contractors.

Whilst you may make your best efforts to ensure the safety and security of your clients and their belongings, all tour operators are aware that a lot of moving parts are involved meaning there is always a small level of risk involved. Should a nightmare scenario ever occur, having the right level of Tour Operators & Travel Agents Liability Insurance can offer you the peace of mind that you are covered in case you are found liable.

Emergency Assistance
The ABTA Code of Conduct imposes on Tour Operators a requirement to provide ‘general assistance’ including initial legal costs to a client who suffers a mishap arising from an activity outside the booked holiday. The Package Travel Regulations (regulation 15, paragraph 7) specifically refers to this obligation, which is covered by this section of the tour operators liability insurance policy.

Professional Indemnity
A key cover for tour operators, professional indemnity protects the insured against claims for compensation by dissatisfied customers where injury or property damage is not involved. Cover for liability for the actions of suppliers, as well as the insured’s own errors and omissions, is included. This important part of the tour operators liability insurance policy offers financial security to businesses.

Employer’s Liability
This provides cover in respect of claims arising out of injury to employees in the course of their employment within the UK and also whilst working temporarily abroad. This insurance is compulsory for any UK Employer under the terms of the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.

Public Liability
This can protect the insured against legal liability for death or injury to clients or damage to their property, including liability where the cause is the action of a supplier. Substantial liability is imposed by the 1992 Regulations and many of the trade associations (ABTA, AITO, TTA, etc.) require insurance as a condition of membership. If you are interested in becoming an ABTA member, our broad experience in the sector can help you meet the requirements.